What’s DatooA2T

DatooA2T(ART to TIFF) software designed for large format printing. This software can convert original file to large format printing TIFF file accurately. Before doing large format printing, there are a lot of miscellaneous steps to do, such as input the print size, input the dpi, transforming to the different formats...etc. 

A2T software can save your time, reduce work load, and also provided various functions to satisfy your requirement. After you pass these works to A2T, operators can move on to their other tasks. 

DatooA2T workflow

Original workflow

DatooA2T Functions

Files Supported


Color Format

You can choose the color format (RGB or CMYK) you want

Automatically Categorize the Files

It can also separate the faulty files into a different folder.

Automatically Reduce Size

Allow you to preset the size/resolution and save into the designated folder.

Output Size vs. Resolution

There are 6 preset resolution according to your required sizes. You can also customize your own size and resolution accordingly. 

Setting Sizes to Filename

A2T can convert files to the right size according to the filename and output to TIFF.

Why you need DatooA2T

Speed up the process to resize the original files and convert to TIFF
Avoid the errors by eliminate the same steps for every file repeatedly
A2T can process multiple files simultaneously. It’s also easy to operate

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