What’s ARP

TellRight ARP Film Object relocation System is a solution for screen printing industry developed by EAB Ltd., ARP was designed to check the position of selected area which was reserved for UV, polishing, gold stamping, die cut and adding font..etc. Friendly relocation remedy will improve post-press job easier, faster and more precise.

ARP workflow


Due to accuracy issues, the scanner and CTF must be certified by our company.

ARP vs traditional workflow

Traditional workflow
 film position errors
Card image cap
ARP workflow
film position adjusted accurately
Card image cap

Suitable for

spot varnish factory

hot stamping FACTORY

die-cut FACTORY

Why you need ARP

According to the statistics, 85% spot varnishing can't match the printed-sheet

It’s costly to manually cut the film and post them on the right place

The cost of film is increasing, and highly polluted to the environment

CTF is facing discontinuation.

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