What’s DatuQC?

DatuQC software designed for large format printing.
DatuQC can compare original image to ready-to-print files.
DatuQC can detect errors during large format printing process, you can avoid costly material and labor fee of post-printing errors. 

DatuQC workflow

Problems can be checked by DatuQC

  • Accuracy of original page vs PDF file created for prepress workflow.
  • Missing words during the process
  • Missing images during the process
  • Inaccurate font or size of words
  • Inaccurate placement of images or words
  • International languages comparable

Inaccurate font

Missing dots

Missing images

Missing words

Inaccurate placement of images or words

What’s A2T?

A2T(ART to TIFF) software designed for large format printing. This software can convert original file to large format printing TIFF file accurately. Before doing large format printing, there are a lot of miscellaneous steps to do, such as input the print size, input the dpi, transforming to the different formats...etc. 

A2T software can save your time, reduce work load, and also provided various functions to satisfy your requirement. After you pass these works to A2T, operators can move on to their other tasks. 

Relevance between A2T and DatuQC

A2T convert files for DatuQC to check the difference between the original image and ready-to-print files. 
A2T has to be combine with DatuQC to complete the process.

Why you need DatuQC?

Avoid extra material cost by errors
Avoid costly labor fee by errors
To improve the efficiency and productivity

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